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This Is Not the Dog You Are Looking For

August 7, 2009
Out-of-this-world smile

Out-of-this-world smile

Meet Princess Leia!

She is 14 years old, but has the sweet and energetic eyes of a young pup. Some might call her slow, but after spending some time with her this evening, I’ll just call her steady and thoughtful. If she wants to come over and see you, she’ll definitely make her way.

Adopted by Becky at six months old, Princess Leia is a lab-border collie mix who now spends time enjoying life around Wimberley, keeping a close watch over her “shop” on the square and greeting visitors. She is a sweet, gentle dog who — you can tell at first glance — has received, given and shared a lifetime of love with her family.

She’s certainly not letting age, cancer and a little hearing loss keep a smile from her face or a wag from her tail.