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Lucky 13

November 19, 2009
Happy Birthday, T.J.

The Teeter Baby

T.J. turns 13 today. Like Bugsy, I’ve had T.J. since he was a tiny thing, all of two pounds at just 6-weeks-old.

It was a cold January evening when I first met him. He was so tiny that I was able to tuck him into my jacket and go into a restaurant with him. No one ever noticed him, and he stayed asleep and dreaming the whole time.

He was so quiet as a puppy. He would play and wrestle with Bugsy, and the whole time Bugsy would growl and bark (in a playful way, of course) and T.J. wouldn’t make a sound. Then one day, I had a kitchen towel draped over the balcony railing outside the backdoor of my apartment. The wind blew it down and T.J. went nuts barking at this yellow kitchen towel on the balcony. He hasn’t stopped barking since. Just ask the UPS man.