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Otto Finds a Home

July 29, 2010

Sweet Otto

I found out today that Otto has been adopted!

Now, I don’t know if the photos that I took of him less then 48 hours ago had anything to do with it, but I couldn’t be more thrilled for him and his new family. I know the power that a single photo on the Internet has when it comes to pulling at your heart strings, and it was my hope in volunteering for Austin Pets Alive! that I could help make that connection for a sweet dog along the way.

His cute and cuddly brother, Otis, still needs a home if you’re interested though!


A Single Photo

July 26, 2010

More than three years ago, a picture was all it took to make us fall in love. Long story short:

Cole and I were in Nashville around Christmas 2006 and had planned to attend a bloggers’ luncheon and meetup. There was no fee to attend, just buy your own lunch and bring a bag of dog or cat food which would be donated to the Nashville Humane Association. We ended up missing the lunch meetup, but we hit the blogosphere later to get the stories about what went on.

It sounded like everyone had a great time, and our friend and fellow blogger Kerry Woo had been tasked with taking all of the donated food over to the NHA. The nice folks over there brought out a dog to have his picture taken with Kerry and all that food. Without even really thinking about it, we asked Kerry more about this dog and then visited NHA’s website to learn more about him. And there it was — a single picture of his face. Fast forward a few weeks, and we’re on a plane from Austin to Nashville to adopt him and drive him home.

Yesterday, I signed up to volunteer for Austin Pets Alive! with my camera. It’s my hope that one or two of the photos that I take will have the same impact, that they’ll speak to someone who will then open up their heart and home to a pet that needs it most. I encourage you to check them out. And if you’re interested, volunteer, make a donation or help them take something off of their wish list of needs.