You Need to Meet Melody

A Sweet Melody

I can’t get sweet Melody off of my mind.

I met her more than three weeks ago as part of my weekly photo-volunteering fun for Austin Pets Alive! She put on her leash so happily. She sat on command for pictures of that sweet face. She welcomed a scratch under the chin.

When I was finished with my photos of her, the adoption coordinator working that day gave her a rawhide chew, and Melody laid down at her feet to relax with it. She was a happy girl!

She is about five months old. She has “white socks” on, and she seemed to be doing great around other dogs that day. She’s a pitbull mix, which I know makes lots of folks nervous, but one look into her sweet eyes, and I think you’ll know the truth about her. If you want to meet her, you can find out where she’ll be on any given day on the APA! website.

When you do meet her, give her a scratch on the chin for me!


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One Response to “You Need to Meet Melody”

  1. Summer Huggins Says:

    I’m *so* happy to report that Melody has been adopted!

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