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Home for the Holidays

December 23, 2010

Sweet Vixen was adopted this week!

I’m so excited for her and her new family. I know they’ll have a great long life together. I’ll miss spoiling her, but I know her new family is already doing that.

So… that means I needed a new little sister dog to spoil. Enter Karma. I met Karma last night. We spent lots of time running around in the yard and getting to know each other. She’s a sweet dog with a beautifully soft coat. I hope to get some great pictures of her this weekend so you can meet her too.


Spoiling Vixen

December 17, 2010

Relaxing With Vixen

I spent some time with my “little sis” Vixen this week, spoiling her with a couple new toys, a new bed, a thorough brushing, some playtime in the yard and lots of walking. She continues to come out of her shell, gaining confidence and showing more and more curiosity for the world around her. If you’re looking for a sweet girl, you really should meet her.

I’m a Big Sister… to a Dog

December 14, 2010

We have a full house. With three dogs, two cats and two adult humans, it’d be hard to add another set of four legs to our house. We always joke about being “at capacity.”

But taking pictures and walking all the great dogs in the Austin Pets Alive! system makes it hard to not just open the car door and invite them all in to come home with me. Since we don’t have the room to foster or adopt them all (or even just one right now), I’m always thrilled to learn about new ways that I can help the adoptable cuties until they find their forever home. So, today I became a “big sister” to sweet black beauty Vixen.

With the new big/little brother/sister program with APA!, I can spoil Vixen rotten — getting her a new collar, special treats, walks at the park, a warm blanket, spending time on training, the whole nine yards — until her perfect human comes along. I already have a stuffed green bear and a yummy bag of treats just for her in my car. And I’ll get to spend some time rolling in the grass with her this evening.

We’re all animal lovers, but sometimes a dog comes along that you just can’t shake. Vixen is one of those dogs. She is something special, and I’m gonna love her all she can take until she finds her forever home.

On Vixen

December 1, 2010

A black beauty

About three weeks ago, I started walking dogs one evening a week at the Austin Pets Alive! building. It’s hard to explain the pure joy that comes at the end of two hours of walking excited dogs when everyone has spent time outside, they’ve done their business and they’ve gotten lots of love, then they settle in to a warm blanket and some soft music and everyone in the building falls asleep. It’s honestly, after all the craziness of the day and the occasional “take me out next” barking, one of the most peaceful things I’ve ever seen.

Well, that first week, I met a beautiful solid black dog with bright golden eyes named Vixen. She didn’t want to go outside. She didn’t even want to come out of her kennel. With some patience, a couple of treats and some gentle encouragement, we finally got her outside to do some business. She turned right around and headed for the building and the safety of her kennel.

Last week, I got to take her outside. She was still a bit hesitant again, and I recalled her nervousness the week before, so I just let her take it slow and easy. She did her business for me, took a few steps and then flopped onto her back in the grass. We had no place else to be, so I settled in beside her on the grass and rubbed her belly until my shoulder tired out. She loved every second of it, then quietly got back into her kennel to settle in for the night.

Well, last night, she was a brand new dog! She came out of her kennel ready for her walk. She stopped at my feet and wagged her tail, almost as if she remembered me from the last couple of weeks. She walked, even pranced a couple of times, and stopped to visit with other walking volunteers, wagging her tail at them too. It was all I could do not to tear up at her progress. She is a sweet and beautiful dog, and she just needs some patience, love, and the occasional belly rub in the grass.