I’m a Big Sister… to a Dog

We have a full house. With three dogs, two cats and two adult humans, it’d be hard to add another set of four legs to our house. We always joke about being “at capacity.”

But taking pictures and walking all the great dogs in the Austin Pets Alive! system makes it hard to not just open the car door and invite them all in to come home with me. Since we don’t have the room to foster or adopt them all (or even just one right now), I’m always thrilled to learn about new ways that I can help the adoptable cuties until they find their forever home. So, today I became a “big sister” to sweet black beauty Vixen.

With the new big/little brother/sister program with APA!, I can spoil Vixen rotten — getting her a new collar, special treats, walks at the park, a warm blanket, spending time on training, the whole nine yards — until her perfect human comes along. I already have a stuffed green bear and a yummy bag of treats just for her in my car. And I’ll get to spend some time rolling in the grass with her this evening.

We’re all animal lovers, but sometimes a dog comes along that you just can’t shake. Vixen is one of those dogs. She is something special, and I’m gonna love her all she can take until she finds her forever home.


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