Inspiration Named Louie

Remember Louie? He isn’t what some people would call a “good” dog. He’s energetic, strong-willed and very excitable. If he really likes you, he might even mouth at your arm to try to get you to play. He won’t hurt you, just slobber on you a bit. He is a goofball and we love him, he’s just in need of some training. All that didn’t keep him from finding a good home, where he’s getting that much-needed training, after a very long stay at Austin Pets Alive!


Some dogs aren’t so lucky.

Some dogs have behavioral differences and challenges. Many of them dealing with problems that stem from their past lives, which sadly, were filled with neglect and/or abuse. APA! simply didn’t have the resources or funds to help them reach their full potential once we rescued them — until now!

I have joined a brand new group within APA! that we are lovingly calling “Louie’s Team”. This team’s goals are to help recognize APA’s special-needs dogs early, find them specially trained foster homes when they need a break from the shelter environment, and raise money for the training and tools to turn some of these not so “good” dogs into great dogs!


Our hope is that this team will help save many other dogs like Louie by getting them personalized training when needed. By ensuring that each Louie’s Team dog gets an individualized adoption plan, including specific training needs, we will in turn make happier dogs while they await their forever families. We hope to increase each deserving dog’s chance of finding their forever home sooner and ultimately make happier adopters!

I hope you’ll consider making a small donation to Louie’s Team to help us get this program off the ground. With your generosity, we’ll help dogs like Jonas, Slinky and Buttons reach their full potential and find their homes just like Louie. They’ll get everything they need to be good — no, GREAT — dogs!


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