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Sew Much Fun!

September 29, 2011

Monday, the Stitch Lab on S. 1st — the place where Mom and I shop for fun fabric and take classes where we make tote bags, cute skirts and much more — hosted volunteers from Austin Pets Alive! for a little project. We made 40 “Adopt Me!” vests for the dogs to wear around town. I can’t wait to see dogs like Mason and Lilly sporting one. They’ll be catching everyone’s eye!

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A Passion for Jazz

March 20, 2009
Sweet Jazz at the Park

Sweet Jazz at the Park

I’ve been hearing for ages now how we should all follow our passions. That when we choose to follow our passions, the happiness (and hopefully the paycheck) is sure to follow.

I love my job and have no desire to leave it, but I also know I still need to follow my passions: Pets and photography. So I’ve decided to try to do some volunteer work involving the two. And sweet Jazz helped me bring all of that together in my mind.

Several months ago, my mom asked me to photograph Jazz for a friend of hers. Jazz was getting old and having a hard time getting around. Mom just thought it would be a great idea for me to take a few pictures of Jazz while she was still healthy enough to play in the park. A way for me to have some fun and practice with my camera, and a way for her friend to be able to look back and think of healthier, happier times. It was my pleasure to do so.

That one morning at the park with Jazz made me realize that other families might be facing the same issue: losing their beloved pet sooner than they’d like. I simply want to be able to offer a lasting memory to them.

My plan: Talk to my vet, the one who takes wonderful care of our five four-legged babies, and see if she knows of families in the area who might appreciate a fellow pet lover capturing some great portraits of their beloved pets before age and illness step in.

More to come as I hash it all out in my brain.