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An Update on Candy

May 11, 2011

For those of you who’ve been following along with Candy’s story and our hope to get her adopted, I wanted to offer an update.

Candy was euthanized Saturday evening. After two specialists’ evaluations said that her prey drive was out of control, one of which also indicated that Candy had the confidence to take on a human and would look for weakness in others, she did just that — nipping at a knee brace of someone who was simply spending some time with her.

The powers that be at Austin Pets Alive! agonized over the decision, but ultimately the Board decided to let her go for the good of the community. Candy wouldn’t have done well in a place where cats roam the neighborhood and smaller dogs go for walks. Looking for weakness in humans isn’t a good thing either…

It broke my heart to get the two phone calls that told me what her fate was. Only two people were allowed to spend time with her and be with her during her last moments. They fed her a yummy bacon cheeseburger and reminded her of how much those of us who knew her loved her. At APA!, she probably felt and experienced more love than she ever had in her life.

I’m happy to report that out of her situation, APA! has developed a team that will be dedicated to working with, training and placing more special-needs dogs like Candy. We’ll dedicate ourselves to finding the best resources for them, the right families and the best training. We’ll work for these dogs to find special foster placement when it’s needed. And training won’t be just for them, but also for the volunteers and families who love them. We want every dog to be loved and adopted, no matter their past.

As one of our awesome volunteers and fosters Frank said, “[Dogs like Candy] are great dogs that we all love and enjoy, but they simply need help beyond our [current] capabilities and resources.” I’m proud to be a part of this new team that works in her memory and that of others to ensure a happy future for these dogs.