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Meet Annie

June 16, 2011

A Smile From Annie

I can’t believe I haven’t posted a photo of Annie yet. Annie is my current little sister with the Big Brother/Sister program at Austin Pets Alive!

She’s a shy beauty. Better on leash than any other dog at APA! right now (but maybe I’m biased). She’s very curious, always keeping her eyes and nose open to what’s around her. And she’s good with other dogs, at least those a bit smaller than her. I visited with her a few days ago, and she was sharing a pool and a pen with two scrappy little male dogs.

Annie is also good at reading your signals when you’re walking with her. If you stop, she’ll stop. If you sit, she’ll sit by your feet.

She’s going to make a great companion for someone.


Spoil ’em Rotten

March 15, 2011

I love the Austin Pets Alive! Big Brothers/Sisters program! I met my new “little” today, Candy. It makes my heart smile to know that she’ll find a loving home soon after being on a euthanasia list just last week. She’s a true beauty, part French Bulldog from the looks of it. Her coat is amazing, she’s not a big fan of the camera, and I can’t wait to see her continue to blossom.

Sweet Candy

And then there’s Mangy Max, my other “little,” who is making great progress every day. He’s a lanky, almost clumsy boy, with probably the longest legs at APA! right now. He’s a friendly boy, loves treats and loves to bark at birds to get away from his food.

I know some volunteers and visitors are hesitant to love on him because of his mange (which, again, is responding very well to treatment), but I talked to our family vet about that last week, worried about bringing it home. She said the possibility is incredibly slim. That by sanitizing before and after loving on each animal and keeping things clean, we’re doing just the right things. She pointed out that with all the mange she’s come into contact with, she’s never taken it home to her pets. That’s good, because Max deserves just as much love as anyone else.

Handsome Max

I hope they both get adopted soon, but until then, I’m giving them treats, making them new blankets, taking them on walks and giving them all the bellyrubs they can stand.

Rest in Peace, Sweet Rocky

August 19, 2010

I learned last night that Rocky passed away last week. I know his family will miss him, but I hope they take comfort in the great life and years that they gave him. He was an awesome dog, and I’m so thankful for the time that I got to spend rubbing his ears.

It’s Slinky, It’s Slinky

May 4, 2010

Sweet ol’ girl

Half-blind and totally deaf, Slinky is living the life in a nice retirement community in Surprise, Ariz. At 15 years old, she’s diabetic, has had back surgery, and has survived colon cancer and the surgery that came with it. She’s now the spoiled “only child” in Cole’s grandparents’ house, both of her sisters passing away in the last year.

And I think she is loving this “only child” lifestyle! G’pa and G’ma are at her beck and call. She barks and one of them is right there to make sure she is happy and comfortable and well-fed. She loves to be scratched around the ears. And I think G’ma has cooked more than one meal just for her…

RIP, Princess Leia

March 5, 2010

I learned this week that Princess Leia passed away last weekend. Such a gentle and sweet girl, my sincere condolences go out to Becky, Mindy and her whole family. It was an honor to photograph her last August.

Lucky 13

November 19, 2009
Happy Birthday, T.J.

The Teeter Baby

T.J. turns 13 today. Like Bugsy, I’ve had T.J. since he was a tiny thing, all of two pounds at just 6-weeks-old.

It was a cold January evening when I first met him. He was so tiny that I was able to tuck him into my jacket and go into a restaurant with him. No one ever noticed him, and he stayed asleep and dreaming the whole time.

He was so quiet as a puppy. He would play and wrestle with Bugsy, and the whole time Bugsy would growl and bark (in a playful way, of course) and T.J. wouldn’t make a sound. Then one day, I had a kitchen towel draped over the balcony railing outside the backdoor of my apartment. The wind blew it down and T.J. went nuts barking at this yellow kitchen towel on the balcony. He hasn’t stopped barking since. Just ask the UPS man.

Happy Birthday, Bugsy!

September 7, 2009

The Notorious B-U-G

The Notorious B-U-G

Our oldest turns 13 today. I can’t believe it.

Mom always tells me that my birthdays make her feel older than her own birthdays do, and today I understand that feeling.

I’ve had Bugsy since he was six weeks old. He was the one male in a litter of seven, and when he pranced up to me like he owned the joint, I knew I had to have him.

He loves to cuddle on the couch. He loves to take walks around the neighborhood. And he loves to run off with your socks while you’re trying to put them on.

Happy birthday, Bug-man!

This Is Not the Dog You Are Looking For

August 7, 2009
Out-of-this-world smile

Out-of-this-world smile

Meet Princess Leia!

She is 14 years old, but has the sweet and energetic eyes of a young pup. Some might call her slow, but after spending some time with her this evening, I’ll just call her steady and thoughtful. If she wants to come over and see you, she’ll definitely make her way.

Adopted by Becky at six months old, Princess Leia is a lab-border collie mix who now spends time enjoying life around Wimberley, keeping a close watch over her “shop” on the square and greeting visitors. She is a sweet, gentle dog who — you can tell at first glance — has received, given and shared a lifetime of love with her family.

She’s certainly not letting age, cancer and a little hearing loss keep a smile from her face or a wag from her tail.

Happy Birthday, Wayne!

July 11, 2009
Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne

Wayne is a happy dog these days. He had a rough start in life — living in a home where they didn’t treat him quite as special as they should have — but a local rescue group, a couple of chihuahua lovers and a big heart changed all of that.

Our friend Mary saw little Wayne’s face at an adoption drive being sponsored and held by a local rescue group dedicated to small dogs. He was a feisty little fellow, kept away from the other dogs that day, and not many people wanted to consider him. Until Mary came along. A couple of friends encouraged her to give him some thought, and after a few minutes visiting with him, she knew it was a match made in heaven. That was five years ago.

At eight years old today, Wayne is the man of the house. He shares his home with two beautiful cats twice his size, who definitely know that he’s in charge.

Happy Birthday, Wayne! I’m so happy I got to spend part of your special day eating peanut butter snacks with you!

The Birthday Boy

The Birthday Boy

He’s a Lover, Not a Fighter

June 29, 2009
What a handsome boy

What a handsome boy

We went to see some friends in Wimberley Saturday evening for dinner and great conversation. When we pulled up to the house late that afternoon, this is the sweet face that greeted us.

Rocky is now a little more than 12 years old. Our friends Brandon and Kimberly have had him since he was about 7. Brandon got to know Rocky as a puppy, but the friend he was with could no longer take care of him. So Brandon and Kimberly opened their hearts and their home up to him.

Though he used to spend hours and hours playing fetch, he’s now happy just to be by Brandon’s side, always close to his family.

In the evening sunlight

In the evening sunlight